Nejc Trošt

Nejc Trošt is an architect and designer who also works in the field of aerospace, art and technology. He completed his studies at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana writing a thesis on future commercial space travel and its influence on the architecture discipline that later evolved in the Chase for Space book. Extreme environment design and aerospace design are his main fields of interest.

During his studies, he was greatly involved in projects related to extreme living conditions and extreme spatial situations. In 2009 and 2010, he participated in expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, where he and his colleagues were involved in the design of new environmentally friendly mobile living units. In 2008 he participated in weightless flights in Star City in Russia, where he helped set up and organize experimental art projects that were implemented in a weightless state inside airplane llyushin IL-76MDK. He has been collaborating with intermedia artist Marko Peljhan since 2004 on many different projects and he is a co-founder of C-Astral unmanned aerial systems company.

Chase for Space
: an architecture challenge for the future is a transdisciplinary book with a wide overview of future space commercialization and its impact on the discipline of architecture. It helps us to understand what kind of designs, what kind of architecture and what kind of practice needs to be envisaged in order to enable civilians’ access to space. With contributors from different disciplines and different relationships to creation in space this book will become an inspiration for future generations. Trošt is currently studying at the Sasakawa International Centre for Space Architecture in Houston, Texas.

• Photos: Pages from Chase for Space, published in March 2012. Photo: Miha Bratina, Design: Janja Gomezel & Nejc Trošt