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UCR ARTSblock podcasts are supported by the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts at UC Riverside. The Gluck Fellows Program is made possible by the generosity of the Max H. Gluck Foundation.

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The Arts Catalyst
Lowry Burgess
Richard Clar
Cosmokinetial Kabinet
Skeith De Wine
Kitsou Dubois
ESA Topical Team
Final Frontier Design
Agnes Meyer-Brandis
Forrest Myers
Trevor Paglen
Carrie Paterson
Frank Pietronigro
Bradley Pitts
Projekt Atol
Connie Samaras
Trieste Cabinet
Nejc Trošt
Christian Waldvogel
Arthur Woods .
XCOR Aerospace


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Panel Discussion

Richard Clar

Rob La Frenais

Ewen Chardronnet

Roger Malina is a physicist, astronomer, Executive Editor of Leonardo Publications at M.I.T Press and distinguished professor of arts and technology, and professor of physics at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is also a Directeur de Recherche of the C.N.R.S. at the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille. His specialty in astrophysics is space instrumentation. His current work focusses on connections between science and art.
Annick Bureaud is an art critic, curator and researcher in the field of art and technoscience, living and working in Paris . She is the director of Leonardo/Olats the online publication associated with Leonardo French / ISAST and teaches at the School of Art Angouleme and Poitiers.

Richard Clar, a Los Angeles/Paris new media interdisciplinary artist, founded Art Technologies in 1987 as a liaison between the worlds of art and technology. Several of his projects are featured in the exhibition.

Rob Le Franais is a curator at The Arts Catalyst, an organization in London that promotes the intersection of art and science, and is represented in the exhibition with videos from past exhibitions at The Arts Catalyst that have focused on space themes.

Ewen Chardronnet is a media artist, writer, organiser and researcher interested in information systems. He was co-organiser in 2004 of the Trans-Cultural Mapping program. He’s the author of the anthology “Quitter la Gravité” (Eclat, 2001) on the Association of Autonomous Astronauts. He won in 2003 together with the Acoustic Space Lab initiative the Leonardo New Horizons award for his installation “Open Sky” at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris.